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SEP Seeker: Road less travelled

A Program for Doers:
Rigorous, productive and reflective learning and doing.

Transforming India Initiative aims to offer programs that will equip seekers
from all across the country to establish or work in key roles in enterprises that will solve the most pressing challenges
that are faced by the country today.

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How do you become a successful entrepreneur?
What can we do to solve India's many challenges?
How can we make sure wealth is not just for a few?
How do we make sure India is shining for everyone?
At SEP, we love to ask questions.
It took us some time, some sweat and extensive research but, yes, we have the answers.
Looking at successful entrepreneurs, we realised that they all had one thing in common. They could spot opportunities in challenges. An opportunity to work towards their own success, an opportunity to build their own legacy, an opportunity to benefit others.
An opportunity to transform India.

Some of the challenges facing India today

Vanishing Jobs
Almost 500 jobs are being lost every day and 69% of the jobs are threatened by automation in the organised sector.
Low Human Development Index
India is ranked 131 out of 188 countries, with inequality in human development shaving off 27% from its score.
Gender Disparity
India is dismally ranked 142 out of 144 countries on health and survival of female population.
Environmental Impact
India is ranked 141 among 180 countries in Environmental Performance Index (EPI).
That brings us to our answer.
Successful entrepreneurs solve the questions that the world faces.
They achieve goals that are beyond salary hikes and annual bonuses.They set goals that transform themselves,
their families and their country. But they don't do it alone.
Role models, friends, partners, investors, co-founders, they all have a role to play in their success.
Entrepreneurs don't walk alone, they lead the whole society towards a better future.
Intrapreneurs take an entire organization with them, they multiply the impact of themselves, their enterprise and their community.
As a SEP seeker, you learn from books, but more than that, from people, from doing and from reflecting.
And you will find your own answer and your own people.


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