The union of mind, heart, and soul.
"Entrepreneurship is neither a science nor an art. It is a practice." - Peter Drucker
Built on the belief that being a successful entrepreneur is as much about the heart and soul
as the mind and body, the curriculum is built around four key components:
This is based on the idea that change has to start from within and the seekers have to transform themselves and their beliefs before they can begin to transform India.
Most successful entrepreneurs across the world have some mindsets and characteristics in common. This component will focus on building these crucial mindsets in the seekers.
To be successful entrepreneurs, the seekers will need some critical business and management skills. The seekers will be trained in these skills during the initial six month programme through classroom sessions and through online modules during the practicum.
What makes organisations great? In this component, the attempt will be to push seekers to think about what it takes to build great and lasting enterprises. This will help them plan for their own enterprises.
Structuring Life & Personal Excellence
Performance Management & Measurement
Business Trusteeship
Material and Environmental Consciousness
Inner Engineering
Enterprise Mindsets
Design Thinking and Strategic Management
Co - Creation and Synergistic Work
Partnerships with Communities
Enterprise Development Challenges
Developmental Challenges
Enterprise Values and Ethics
Entrepreneurial Skills
Accounts and Finance
Marketing and Product Development
Human Resource Management
Project Management
Legal & Regulatory Environment
Basic Economics and Statistics
Enterprise Excellence
Fifth Discipline
Built to Last
Execution Premium, ERP & Total Quality Management
Principle Centred Leadership
Enterprise and Business Communication
Enterprise Future