Transforming India Initiative - ALC India
Transforming India Initiative is a two-year social entrepreneurship programme focussed on experiential learning.
In two years, the seekers will move from being job seekers to job creators with a cause.
They will be imbibed with all the skills and mindsets required to be
successful entrepreneurs during the two years.
And for the ensuing six years after the program, they will continue to receive access to all the funds, resources
and mentoring required for them to launch and grow their enterprise.
2 year program
6 month facilitated learning
Certificate in Enterprise Development
18 month practicum with established responsible enterprises
During the practicum, seeker works directly with the founder/CEO
One entrepreneurial initiative
Structure: travel, workshops, practitioner talks, e-learning
The key principle around which the Transforming India Initiative is built is the experiential learning approach.
Seekers spend 75% of their time
on the ground, working with entrepreneurs, solving real life entrepreneurial challenges.
There are two key components in the programme:
the Facilitated Learning component and the Experiential Learning component.
Facilitated Learning
Facilitated Learning
Instructive learning in Hyderabad (Text and discussion based learning, practitioner workshops and travel workshops)
Experiential Learning
Experiential Learning
Experiential learning (Apprenticeship with a founder at an enterprise) + (Reflection, travel & learning workshops and Online learning modules)
The programme starts with the facilitated learning module.
Here, all the seekers receive the basic skills, exposure and mindsets required for them to start
their work on the ground equipped with confidence and capacity to solve the challenges of
the enterprise where they are placed.
Following this, the seekers will be placed with an enterprise.
Here they will learn through practice, reflection, discussions with their peer mentor and online learning modules.
The experience of working in an enterprise with experienced entrepreneurs and
solving complex real life challenges will serve as valuable experience that not many will get.
The seekers also leave the program with inspiration, relationships, advice, learnings and connections that they can count on for the rest of their lives.
Program Details
The selection and admission to the programme is on a rolling basis. Selected candidates will be notified within 15 days after the 2-day direct assessment. The application windows and deadlines are provided on the application page.
Fee Details
The fees for the entire programme is INR 12,23,407*.

To ensure equal access to the program, we offer scholarships to our candidates. 20 meritorious candidates from deserving backgrounds will have to pay only Rs.1 lakh towards the costs of the program, the rest of the fees will be waived. We encourage you to apply if you think you have what it takes to be a TII seeker

Candidates applying for these scholarships will be required to submit appropriate income and asset related documents while signing their offer letter. Scholarships are based on merit and need and will be provided on a first come first serve basis. So do apply early to avail of the scholarships.
No deserving candidate will be turned away because of inability to pay.
Details Cost
Programme Fee (Logistics, travel workshop, facilitator fee etc) 9,58,500
Accommodataion & Food Facilities (2 years) 2,40,000
Alumni Portal + Activities 25,000
Total 12,23,407*
1. *GST will be charged as per the GoI mandate prevailing at the time of payment. Fee will be payable as per the instalments scheduled during the offer of admission.

* In case of obtaining tax exemption, the service tax amount will be refunded.