Transforming India Initiative is not a rat race.
We do not judge individuals based on their capacity to recall things from a textbook or on age or gender.
TII aims to mentor and build individuals who are passionate and driven.
People who are crazy enough to dream of changing the world.
We are searching for individuals who have the will, grit, perseverance, passion, learning outlook and an exploratory mind to be successful entrepreneurs.
Accordingly, our eligibility criteria are:
If you are a graduate and fulfil any three of the below criteria,
you are eligible for participating in the program
You have previously tried and experienced failure in establishing a business
You want to explore options for an alternative, fulfilling career path
You have a vision to work for a cause larger than yourself

You believe in learning by doing and not through traditional academic programmes
You have an idea for an enterprise but don't know how to establish one
You want to work towards a better, more equitable India

Under Exceptional cases, Non-graduates are also considered for the program.
Write to us at to know more.
For more information, feel free to mail us at: