Transforming India Initiative, launched in 2016, aims to empower the nation’s youth by providing comprehensive programs to equip them with essential skills and knowledge. This initiative is dedicated to fostering a generation of change-makers capable of making a meaningful impact on India’s socio-economic landscape

Social Entrepreneurship Program (SEP)

Social Entrepreneurship Program is a transformative two-year initiative designed to empower young individuals with the skills and mindset needed to become leaders and entrepreneurs. SEP equips participants with the tools to create positive change in their communities by fostering a spirit of innovation and social responsibility.

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Reimagine Responsible Enterprises (RRE)

Reimagine Responsible Enterprises Fellowship is a 13-month program designed to empower young individuals as catalysts for positive change. Through this fellowship, participants become leaders with the skills and mindset to make a meaningful impact in marginalized communities.

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