A 13-month Acceleration cum Fellowship programme where young individuals work to bring a key difference in responsible enterprises through their intervention and Business Solutions.

Our Focus Communities


Small & Marginal Farmers

Weaver community

Small Artisans & Weavers

Dairy farmer

Small Livestock Holders & Fisherfolk

Forest producers

Forest Produce Gatherers

Daily wage labourer

Wage Labour, including Migrant

Urban marginalized

Urban Marginalized

Micro and small entrepreneur

Micro & Small Entrepreneurs

Disaster prone community

Diaster-prone Communities

Internally displaced

Internally Displaced

Other vulnerable communities

Other Vulnerable Communities

Contribution of these 10 communities in India’s economy: 92% of the total workforce, 63% of GDP

About the Program

Transforming India Initiative Reimagine Responsible Enterprises focuses on experiential learning and a hands-on approach to bring about a positive change in the communities. Initially, Fellows will attend 30 Days Induction workshop at Access Livelihoods. Post Workshop fellows will start working with the Enterprises where they will be placed. Throughout the fellowship, there will be Mentorship sessions and Reflection workshops to maintain the continuity of learning for fellows.


Work with cause-driven enterprises (Upfront Placement opportunity)


Hands on Approach


Business Management and Leadership Skills


Mentoring Support

The fellows will implement innovative and out-of-the-box solutions to accelerate the responsible enterprises. Meanwhile, they will get an opportunity to work on various aspects of business development and enterprise management.

Responsible enterprises are companies with the purpose to serve the three pillars of sustainability namely, Social, Economic and Environmental. They also provide new technologies and skills to the communities by acting as a facilitator and conducting training programs for them.

Program Components


Intrapreneurial Initiatives


Reflection Workshop & Monthly Mentorship sessions


Experiential Learning


Online Learning Modules

Program Design

  • Research and Analysis.
  • Get familiar with the community.
  • Learn how the market operates.
  • Identify operational challenges.


Fellows are placed in responsible enterprises where they learn and get familiar with the functioning of the enterprise and understand the challenges faced by the enterprise as well as the community.

  • Overcome operational challenges.
  • Create & implement a business plan.
  • Establish market linkages.
  • Accelerate the enterprise.


Fellows move to the next phase. Based on the understanding developed during the first phase, fellows will design and implement business plans for the enterprise they placed in order to mitigate the challenges they have identified and accelerate the enterprise.

  • Performance evaluation.
  • Implement governance systems.
  • Quality control systems.
  • Sustain the enterprise.


Fellows move to the final phase of the program. They have to ensure the sustainability of the responsible enterprise as well as the business plan that they have implemented by appointing relevant and sufficient systems in place.

What will I do after the fellowship?


Set up your own enterprise


Work in Agri or Social sector


Average Package after fellowship is 5 LPA

Success Stories

Placement Partners

Program Details

Cost of the Program - Rs. 16,000/-

Commencement of batch

1st July, 2024


INR 18,000 per month

Completion Incentive

INR 30,000

Excellence Incentive

INR 50,000

Accident Insurance Cover

Phase Initiation Phase Deadline
30 Oct 2023 15 June 2024

Transforming India Initiative Partners

Inspiring Stories

RRE Advisory Board



Responsible Enterprises are companies with the purpose to serve the three pillars of sustainability namely, Social, Economic and Environmental.

They also provide new technologies and skills to the communities by acting as a facilitator and conducting training programs for them.


Reimagine Responsible Enterprises is a one-year acceleration cum fellowship programme that will give you the opportunity to contribute to the social, economic and environmental pillars of sustainability as well as learn business management and leadership skills.


The program is for young individuals who want to achieve big things in life and make a key difference in the lives of the disadvantaged communities.


As a fellow, you will work with the responsible enterprises to manage it efficiently and effectively and increase its business to realize higher impact for the communities and ecology. In a nutshell, you will work on all the aspects of business development and management and learn how to manage an enterprise. Description may change based on the requirements of the organization.


Fellows will be placed in Responsible Enterprises anywhere in India. Provided, their vernacular abilities matches the geographic as well as societal demands.


TII RRE fellowship program realizes the importance of integrating skills and passion of young individuals and communities practical and experiential learning and focuses completely on that to provide the candidates with on-ground experience and learning opportunities.


College graduates from any field having a passion to work with Social Enterprises are welcome to apply for the fellowship. The candidate must have their own laptop and a basic understanding of the office suite and be comfortable working on it. English proficiency is mandatory. Candidates can be from anywhere in India. :


Application Deadline Phase 4: 20-03-2024


The selection process includes

  • Online application
  • Written aptitude test
  • Telephonic Interview
  • Direct Assessment

Every month fellows will receive Rs.18000* as a stipend for their sustenance. Upon successfully completing the programme, Fellows will receive a fixed incentive of Rs.30,000*. The top three performing fellows during the fellowship will receive a separate gratification amount of Rs.50,000* and a special acknowledgement letter from Access Livelihoods. *(Subject to TDS Deduction)


Access Livelihoods has tie-ups with many Entrepreneurial Companies. We have achieved a 90% placement rate. So, there is a fair chance of getting placement after the Fellowship.

* Access Livelihoods does not guarantee any placements after this program.


For your Workshop period at Access Livelihoods, Hyderabad you will be provided with food and accommodation. After placement, the fellow has to look for their accommodation by themselves by utilizing the stipend given to them.